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Khaman dhokla has a soft, spongy, fluffy texture making it light and airy. The flavours are tangy, a little spicy and slightly sweet. Being nutritious and low in calories, this is a great anytime snack

By: Kailash Kumar


  • It is (One ) 5184 × 3456 pixel in 72.00 Pixel Per Inch JPEG High-Resolution Digital Photography 
  •  Watermark will be not be on the image you receive.
  •  Files are DIGITAL No physical product will be sent to you

khaman Dhokla

SKU: stock food 1740
    • You can use this picture for yourself or for one of your clients
    • This picture is completely copyrighted under Kailash Kumar Photography, you cannot resell it on any website or anywhere
    • We do not offer refunds due to the digital nature of our products
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