Rasgulla Sweet Recipe

Updated: May 3

Rasgulla Recipe | Bengali Chena Rasbari | Angoor Rasgulla with detailed photo and video recipe. Bengali desserts are known for their rich milk quality based desserts which are very popular for their creamy and spongy texture. Many of these sweets are those which are prepared by tearing milk and we also consider curd of such milk as chena, which is sweetened with sweetening agent. one such easy and simple chena based sweet recipe is also known as angoor rabari or spongy rasgulla which is very famous for its shape and form.


well, before we explain the recipe, you might want to know what this sponge rasgulla recipe is all about, and how it differs from the traditional rasgulla. Before we start, let me tell you that its size is of medium size. They are almost similar in shape to the rasgullas available in the market, so they are also very easy to shape and make. Due to the large size, they dissolve easily in sugar syrup, they are also called traditional rasgulla because they are made in the celebration of all social customs, this Diwali, Holi, Raksha Bandhan, Ramzan or specially made in marriage. That's why this sweet is considered to be tied to tradition, so without delay, let us tell you the method of making Sponge Rasgulla!

Spongy Rasgulla Recipe