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Gulab Jamun Sweet Recipe

Updated: May 3, 2022

Gulab Jamun is a very popular and royal sweet of India. These are round and soft and very tasty. This sweet is specially made in festivals of Indian origin, Gulab Jamun is made in Desi and Dalda Ghee, Gulab Jamun of Desi Ghee is easily available for Rs.280/Kg and Dalda Ghee is easily available for Rs.150/Kg. Let us share with you today how to make Gulab Jamun of Desi Ghee at home.


Gulab Jamun Recipe

  • Course - Dessert

  • Cuisine - Indian

  • Pre Time - 10 Minutes

  • Cook Time - 15 Minutes

  • Servings - 10 Pieces

  • Author - Kailash Kumar Photography

  • Keywords - Dessert, Indian Sweet, kaju katli, burfi


Nutrition Facts - Per piece (50g)


  1. First of all, soak saffron in 1 teaspoon milk for 5 minutes and then crush it.

  2. Take sugar and water in a heavy pan, put the pan on the gas, and keep stirring the mixture till the sugar dissolves.

  3. Keep in mind that when the mixture starts to boil, reduce the flame. Add 1 tbsp of milk to the mixture and continue to boil without stirring. If dirt accumulates on the sides of the pan, remove it lightly with a large spoon.

  4. Your syrup will be ready in 5 minutes. Make sure the syrup is a bit sticky.

  5. When the syrup starts to become sticky, then turn off the flame, and then add cardamom powder and saffron to the syrup.

  6. The sugar syrup is almost ready.

  7. While making gulab jamun, sometimes hard lumps can be formed in the middle. If we put 1 or 2 diamond sugar in the middle of each gulab jamun then this problem will not happen.

  8. Put Gulab Jamun Mix and Khoya in a plate and mix it well with hands.

  9. Now add milk as required and gradually knead soft dough.

  10. Now put some ghee in it and keep the dough aside for some time.

  11. Now cut cashew nuts into fine pieces.

  12. Divide the dough into equal portions i.e. give the shape of small balls as you see the size of Gulab Jamun in the market (10 to 15)

  13. Apply ghee on the palms and put 1 piece of chopped cashew, 1 raisin and 1 diamond sugar in the gulab jamun made of round shape dough.

  14. Now again give it the shape of a small, round, smooth surface ball, making sure there are no cracks on the surface of the ball.

  15. Heat ghee in a kadhai. When the ghee is slightly heated, put a small piece of flour in it, if this piece comes up immediately, then it will be understood that the ghee is ready for frying.

  16. Now fry the gulab jamuns on medium flame. You can fry the number of gulab jamuns according to the size of the pan.

  17. Keep stirring the gulab jamuns in the pan with a spoon and when the gulab jamuns turn golden brown, take them out on an absorbent paper.

  18. Now put gulab jamun in hot syrup and keep it for about half an hour.

  19. Your gulab jamuns are ready, eat hot gulab jamun yourself and feed it to your neighbors and make a culvert of praise.

Watch complete video to prepare Gulab Jamun step by step

Recipe Notes

  1. I have used khoya and gulab jamun mixture to make Gulab Jamun. Which can be found in the market at good prices.

  2. finally,Gulab Jamun recipe tastes great when prepared with good quality of Khoya & Gulab Jamun Mixture.

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